Take Minnesota Leather Pride with you on your mobile device

Holy mobility, Batman! Minnesota Leather Pride has created a Yapp app so you can have access to information and events when you are on the go! 

Yapp is available for iOS and Android. First, download the Yapp app to your mobile device.

Once the download is complete, then click the link or go to: http://my.yapp.us/4XX27R

The link will bring to you to the Minnesota Leather Pride app where you will have access to information about dog tags and a schedule at a glance, detailed information about each June event, a list of our sponsors, our Twitter feed, the News Feed where you can interact with other MNLP Yapp app users, meet the MNLP board and learn more about MNLP.

Come #FlyYourFlag at #MNLP14 events and on the go!


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