Minnesota Leather Pride adopts new Mission Statement

After two months of work, the Mission Statement Committee recommended a revised mission statement that condensed the previous mission statement into a single sentence that succinctly states the values and goals of Minnesota Leather Pride. The committee, made of members of the board and the community at large, presented it’s recommendation at the September Board Meeting where it was unanimously approved.

The new mission statement reads:

Minnesota Leather Pride celebrates, honors, and nurtures our culture and history by facilitating communication and building alliances among individuals and groups within the leather/kink/BDSM community; offering opportunities for education, social interaction, visibility, activism, and community service.

The focus of the Mission Statement Committee was to find a way to sum up the bullet points in the old mission statement into a short statement that would answer the question: what is Minnesota Leather Pride? The new mission statement will guide the board in planning and future endeavors and serve as a measuring stick for how successfully the objectives of Minnesota Leather Pride are being met. 

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