2017 Dog Tags Now Available

Minneapolis, MN: The Minnesota Leather Pride (MNLP) Board is pleased to announce the theme for the 2017 activities is Walk In Here Boots. Along with this theme, MNLP is again selling souvenir dog tags displaying the theme.

As in past years, all members of the community were welcome to submit theme and design ideas. The theme and artwork were chosen at the November 2016 meeting and finalized at the December meeting. Local artist and board member Andrew Bertke created both the theme and the artwork.

Since the original Minnesota Leather Pride dog tag in 1994, the annual souvenir dog tags are a fundraiser for Minnesota Leather Pride. Dog tags can be purchased from any MNLP board member, and at upcoming local leather/kink community events, such as Twin Cities Leather Weekend and Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend contests. Dog tags can also be purchased at Twin Cities Leather & Latté.

About Minnesota Leather Pride
Minnesota Leather Pride committee has existed in one form or another for over 21 years. We are an all-volunteer organization made up of women and men from all parts of the Minnesota Kink, BDSM, and leather communities. Minnesota Leather Pride celebrates, honors, and nurtures our culture and history by facilitating communication and building alliances among individuals and groups within the leather/kink/BDSM community; offering opportunities for education, social interaction, visibility, activism, and community service. For more information on Minnesota Leather Pride, visit www.mnleatherpride.org.

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