2019 Judges

The Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend committee is proud to welcome these seven people to serve as our contest judges.


Red began her kinky life right here in Minneapolis as a regular at the Saloon and Ground Zero. Red joined the first year of Kinky U at the U of M’s QSCC and was first introduced to Leather during a workshop there. She formally began her Leather life in San Diego in 2013 and dove right in, joining the original board of The Stomping Ground San Diego, and is a patched member of the San Diego girls of Leather. Red holds the title of San Diego Bootblack 2017 and spent her title year and beyond exploring her craft, her community, and what Leather means to her. Red moved to Honolulu in 2019 to finally begin her everyday life with her Boss. After several years of running herself ragged, Red is enjoying the quiet life near the beach and figuring out what life has in store for her next!


Nathan moved to San Diego from his adopted home in Minnesota in 2013. He has been an out and active member of the LGBT community for over 20 years, and has been active in the Leather scene since 2010. His Leather Family extends coast to coast and overseas. As a Sir and Daddy, he advocates for mentorship and youth outreach, and continues to guide new Leatherfolk as a mentor, educator, and community resource. As a licensed clinical microbiologist, 

Nathan provides sexual health education for various clubs and organizations, and is a vocal advocate for using sexual health as sexual empowerment.

His #BeWhoYouNeeded campaign raised over $10,000 for San Diego LGBTQ+ homeless youth during his title year as Mr. San Diego Leather 2017. He has also partnered with the Imperial Court de San Diego, Mama’s Pantry, AIDSWalk San Diego, and the San Diego LGBT Community Center, and was recognized with a 2017 Nicky Award for Outstanding Leather Personality. In 2018, Nathan competed at the 40th International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago, placing 5th in the largest class in IML history. Nathan currently lives with his husband of 4 years, Todd, and their femme-dom cat, Ms. Moo.


Daddy Sky Cotton is proud to be American Leather Woman 2018. She has previously served as Great Lakes Ms. Leather Pride 2017 and Ms. Illinois Leather Pride 2017. She’s a Chicago based Leather Dyke, whose personal lust for Kink, Fetish, and Leather Lifestyle spans more than 28 years.

In 2005, dissatisfied with extremely limited play and BDSM Arts education options geared specifically towards Women, Gender Non Conforming persons, Enby persons, and Transfolk, Sky created Vespertine Chicago. She has dedicated herself to a core mission of fostering Kink and Fetish in everyone she meets and of stewarding the next generation of healthy, Sex Positive People, by creating a safe space in which Queer Women are centered and may play, learn and grow. A portion of each event’s proceeds are donated to local charities.

Her professional life in Kink and Leather found her serving members of The Community for ten years by helping them navigate their path while working at Mephisto Leathers, and Leather 64Ten. Daddy Sky then spent 4 years working in Personal Pleasure and Sex Education at Tulip Toy Gallery. She is very proud to be back at Leather 64Ten serving the Leather and Kink Communities directly.

Daddy Sky is a Supporting Member of the Leather Archives and Museum, and also volunteers at International Mr. Leather Weekend. She has been a Judge, Tally Monster, Den Daddy, and Event Host. The Sky truly is the limit with this Daddy.


Perrin (they/them) is a queer, polyamorous, loudmouthed activist, educator and historian. They enjoy being a service boy, a pup handler and an emotional masochist. Perrin travels often, teaching, judging and playing their way through homes and hearts. 

A self identified messy Femme, Perrin doesn’t wear waterproof mascara on purpose. It’s better for crying. Perrin’s favorite kinks are vulnerability and leaning into discomfort. Those often take the form of biting, rough body play and genitorture. Other ways to manifest those kinks include long intimate conversations, shared meals, quiet cuddles and intimate naps.

Perrin prides themselves in breaking the beautiful into the most exquisite messes and then walking beside them as they rebuild themselves into something uniquely whole. They are the proud protector of a delightfully derpy service pup, and the proud partner to their boyfriend as well as their fiance.


Boy Pugsley had the honor of serving as Minnesota leather boy 2017. Born and raised in rural northern Minnesota and matriculated on our Western prairies, he moved to the twin cities in 2011 and started exploring the leather community. He believes and advocates strongly for the possibility that kink can subvert power structures and advance the cause of liberation. His turn ons are bondage, humiliation and dialectical materialism.


Mikayla has been in the leather community for six years, starting as a pro domme. In addition to being Ms Minnesota Leather Pride 2017, she has held the position of vice president of the Twin Cities Girls of Leather, is an associate of Twin Cities T-Rexx and is the President of the Twin Cities Sirens. She can be found volunteering at numerous local events, and has taught classes on navigating sex with a transgender partner and electro play.

When she’s not slinging leather and lattes at the local coffee shop, you can find her at home with her husband Jude, and dogs Andrew Caninen and Jack the Yipper. Her hobbies include reading about serial killers, modeling for local photographers, getting beaten, and butt stuff.

She is very excited to let her skill of judging people come in handy for the contest.

Mikayla Victoria Stanek’s ideal world would include all the tiny dogs, John Waters as president, Dr. Pepper water fountains, and an endless supply of things to put up her butt.


Dylan has been part of the Minnesota community since 1999 and served as Mr. Midwest Olympus Leather 2018 and as Minnesota Leather Sir in 2017. For the past 15 years, he has grown to identify as a Leatherman and is honored to be a full member of the Titans of the Midwest, an Associate of the Knights of Leather, an Associate Member of the Black Guard of Minneapolis, and an Associate of the Twin Cities T-Rexx.   An expert with the single tail whip, Dylan has taught classes on doll play, negotiation, flogging, the single tail, humiliation, degradation, and objectification. Known for intense play in the dungeon, Dylan is a RACK player, polyamorous, sex positive, and adheres to his own personal code of honor. 

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