2019 Dog Tags

Available now from your MNLP Board Member for $10.

The following design background information was provided by Steven Patton, one of the creators:

“I thought the theme was pretty straight forward and thought it would be fun to take it in another direction.

Of course, Pride in Your Hide would make you think of being proud of your leather gear. I also thought of being told, “gonna tan your hide” as an idiom indicating I was going to get spanked.

Being partial to impact this seemed like a clever additional meaning, so I used the colors of the pride flag, male and female silhouettes to keep it inclusive, and the heart placement to be the red butts/tanned hides.

The initial draft was just a basic outline and when it was selected it was sent for revisions as we only had the (very) rough draft concept art I created. Andrew Bertke worked his artists magic to retouch the lines, add more color, and refine the font to what became the final product.”

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