Letter to all Sponsor Organizations

At the October meeting, the Minnesota Leather Pride Board of Directors issued the letter below to all sponsor organizations with regard to their 2020 sponsorships.

As a response to COVID-19, the Board also agreed to extend use of the 2020 them “See Me” and will not be ordering dog tags for 2021.

If your organization is not yet a member, or if you wish to purchase dog tags, or make a donation to MN Leather Pride, you can do so via our Square Site.


Dear Sponsors,                                                                        October 10, 2020

2020 certainly didn’t turn out the way any of us had imagined.  The Covid-19 pandemic left many of our community and organizations scrambling to find ways to continue to stay connected during stay at home and social distancing regulations.

Minnesota Leather Pride was forced to forgo much of our programming for the year.  We were able to get a picture with the large leather flag at a local park to celebrate Pride. We also had a video roundtable during our usual contest weekend.  This allowed us to check in with our community, and let our community check in with our title holders. Great discussions were had around the future of contests, and problematic fetishes.

Unfortunately, 2020 also brought much unrest and injustice to our local community, and communities all over.  Many community members, including our titleholders, were on the front lines during these instances.  Mobilizing support, supplies, outreach and assisting in any way they could. MNLP donated to the Black Immigrant Collective as a part of this effort.

2020 has been unprecedented, and we all have been unable to do the things we wished we could. Because of this MNLP has decided to extend all sponsorships through 2021 at no additional cost to your organization.  We appreciate the support we receive from the community each year, and we want to support you as well.

In addition to the usual benefits of being a MNLP sponsor, we have also purchased a license to a Zoom room that allows for longer meeting times and up to 100 guests. We are extending the use of this room to our community for the following year as a new benefit for your organization.  Please see the information below for instruction on how to reserve a time to use the MNLP Zoom room.

We encourage our community to continue to reach out to MNLP for assistance and support.  As we leave the year that never was behind, we hope for all the best for 2021.

Thank you,

Minnesota Leather Pride Board

Zoom Reservations:

  1. All requests must be submitted a minimum of 14 days before the event
  2. Go to http://www.mnleatherpride.org/event-submission/ and fill out the form
  3. Once the event has been submitted, someone from MNLP will check the schedule and determine if the time is available
  4. Once your event is scheduled you will be sent a link with the meeting information and the name of your MNLP host.
  5. All meetings will include a MNLP Board Member volunteer as a host, you will only need to log in with your regular zoom account
  6. Given the nature of what we do, please use your best judgement as to your behavior. Treat the zoom room like you would any other event or space.  MNLP room hosts have the right to remove guests, or shut down the meeting at their own discretion, just like any other event.

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