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Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend 2018

Started in 2015, Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend is the annual leather title contests for Ms Minnesota Leather Pride, Minnesota Leather Sir, and Minnesota Leather boy. The contest is produced by a committee of dedicate people within the Minnesota Leather Pride organization. Some of our contestants have gone on to win Great Lakes Leather Sir, Great Lakes Leather boy, Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride, International LeatherSir, and Women's International Leather Legacy.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Contestant Interview
Friday, 4:45 pm – 6:45 pm @ private location for judges and contestants only
The judges will be getting to know the contestants better

Meet & Greet
Friday, 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm – @ LUSH
Come and meet the contestants, judges, and all of your fellow MNLPW attendees. Take a chance on some exciting raffle prizes!

Cigar Social
Friday, 9 pm – @ LUSH
The Twin Cities girls of Leather and the Atons of Minneapolis invite you to the patio at Lush to enjoy a cigar and shot of bourbon. $10 tickets for a cigar and shot. Of course, you don’t need to smoke to enjoy the nice evening on Lush’s fine patio.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Kink U Classes
The Titans of the Midwest bring you more courses towards your degree in kink!

Whips 201 with Master Dan
10:30 am @ eagleBolt Bar
So you can crack a whip, now what?  In 201 we explore different throws and types of whips we can use to produce a wide range of sensations.

10:30 am @ Saloon
Join us for a roundtable discussion on the pitfalls and perils of child rearing in the kink community.  Ask some questions of our presenters and get some tips and tricks on how to navigate through parenting in a post 50 shades world.  

Saline Infusion with Bikkja Amy
12:00 pm @ eagleBolt Bar
Your labias, balls, or breasts.  Even your lips and ears. Perhaps you want horns?  Do YOU love your bits and pieces played with? How about a nasty medical scene? Come and experience all the sweet sensations as you fill up your bits with saline. In this hands-on (Saline filled) interactive class, we will explore the hows and whys of Saline infusion.

Contestant Round Table moderated by Ryan Brown 
12:00 pm @ Saloon Fireside Bar
Come and get to know our contestants. See why they are running, and what makes them passionate about being a Sir, boy, or Ms.

2018 MNLP Weekend Contest
Saturday, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm @ LUSH
This is the main event! We have a fun night of entertainment planned for everyone as we celebrate our Minnesota leather family.

Victory Party
Saturday, 9 pm @ LUSH
Hang out at Lush after the contest as we all celebrate the new title holders.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Victory Brunch
Sunday, 11 am – 2 pm @ eagleBolt Bar
Join us late Sunday morning (because no one is getting up early for breakfast!) as we congratulate the new titles holders and spend a little more time with our extended leather family before they travel home.

Puppy Mosh 
Saturday, 12:30 pm – 3 pm @ eagleBolt Bar
Presented by North Star Kennel Club. The pups and trainers are going to hang out for some fun time on the mat.

Follow our Facebook event page for up-to-date news and to see who else is attending.

Hey Bootblacks! We have special events just for you.

Bootblack Swap-meet @ Friday 11 pm –  Hampton Inn
Have you ever want to see what is in other bootblack’s kits? Bring your kits and get ready to swap!

Shadow A Bootblack @ Saturday – Lush
Have you ever wanted to learn how to bootblack, and learn special techniques and the best products? Now is your chance. We have four fantastic booktblacks who are blacking Saturday night, and you can sign up to shadow them! We will have a sign up sheet at the Meet and Greet on Friday at Lush. Pick your favorite time.



990 Central Ave NE,
Minneapolis, MN 55413

The Saloon

830 Hennepin Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55403

[Google Maps]

eagleBolt Bar

515 Washington Ave S,
Minneapolis, Mn 55415


It’s here! The Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend contestant application is now available.

This contest is open to all genders. We welcome anyone who identifies as a dominant (Sir contestant), submissive (boy contestant), or as a leather woman (Ms contestant) from throughout our Minnesota leather and kink communities.


Angie Dwiyn

Angie is a pansexual, poly, pagan, leather anarchist, femme, educator, and artist. As an educator she enjoys presenting on a variety of topics including doll play, blood play, and humiliation, degradation, and objectification. Angie is an associate member of the Knights of Leather, Twin Cities girls of Leather, and the Titans of the Midwest. She is honored to represent her community as Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride 2016, Great Lakes Ms. Leather Pride 2016, and Ms. Midwest Olympus Leather 2016 & 2017. Her personal goals include cultivating and strengthening her craft, encouraging cross community collaboration, and finding any reason to publicly display gross acts of bodily autonomy as an active protest against misogyny. As a RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) player, Angie enjoys exploring the boundaries of brutality, moral decency, and mortality. In her personal play she enjoys being a doll, fat pig, wanton filth, and fleshy meat sack. She’s been known to say “I don’t want to die. I just want you to make me think you just might kill me.”

Naria Lei B. Jordan

Naria Lei B. Jordan is the new Co-owner/Producer of DESIRE, IMsL Dungeon Coordinator, Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) 2013, and Ms. San Diego Leather 2002.  She is a longtime Radical Sex Perv Poly Daddy who has been involved in the Queer BDSM Community for 35 years as a practitioner, organizer, activist, and educator in the Kinky Arts. She co-founded two Women’s-only leather groups in Washington, DC–Lesborados and S/Mazons. She was a co-founder, editor, and writer for the collectively published “Black Leather…In Color” and was the facilitator of the Women’s BDSM Rap in San Diego from 2007-2014. She was also the Co-facilitator for the Women’s BDSM Forum in the Modesto/Central Valley area from 2004-2006. A writer, national speaker and presenter, photographer, and fancier of Fine Fierce Femme Women, Naria is a relentless sex educator, a misunderstood yet flaming Pisces, a true Water Tiger, and always enjoys pushing the envelope–as often as possible! She spends her time in San Diego and Orange County with her primary partners, Bikkja Amy and Brigette, as well as 2 cats and 2 dogs, and a household of assorted pervs.

boy Patrick

boy Patrick is a queer, switch femme, otter. He calls Chicago home, but got his start in the scene in Oklahoma and Texas. Patrick has a huge passion for leather and fetish wear care as well as general shenanigans. Patrick encourages education and empowerment when it comes to kink, both in and out of the dungeon. Through education and experience we are able to expand our abilities to give and receive pleasure.

Patrick had the honor to serve as South Central Community Bootblack for 2016 and International Community Bootblack for 2016. He is currently a member of GDI and Titans of the Midwest. Patrick thrives off of presence and sharing energy with anyone who will engage with him, on or off the stand. By engaging with others, he believes that we can build bridges, develop better understandings of one another, and connect in a more meaningful way.

When he’s not caring for leather, you can find Patrick teaching a variety of classes, both kinky and vanilla. His focus on education is not only on keeping things sexy, but also understanding health applications as well as appealing to those with varying experiences. Patrick also encourages a greater motivation for the next generation within the kink and leather communities to not only educate more, but to help create long lasting spaces that will help serve people for years to come.

Rod McCoy (aka Rod ONYX)

A native New Yorker, Rod’s Leather journey began January of 1998 on a weekend visit to Washington, DC, when he was introduced to Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend and ONYX, the national Leather fraternity for gay and bisexual Men of Color.

After relocating to DC, Rod joined ONYX, and began work of co-founding the ONYX Mid-Atlantic Chapter.  Rod was elected President of the ONYX Mid-Atlantic Chapter in 2007; he currently serves as the chapter’s Pledge Master.  Rod has also moderated and presented for a variety of programs and events, including DC Leather Pride; Black Rose; the Master/slave Conference; Kink U; Detroit Leather Expo; and BlackOut, ONYX’s annual run.  Rod earned the Leatherman of Color title in 2011; his platform during his title year was “Embracing Difference and Diversity.”  Rod graduated from the Master Taino Training Academy Masters’ Training in 2008, and his writing has been featured on Leatherati.com.  He has previously served as a judge for the 2012 Leatherman of Color contest, the 2013 Mr. Maryland Leather contest, the 2014 Twin Cities Leather contest, the 2014 Tri-State Leather contest, and the 2018 Atlantic States Leather contest.  Rod is most proud of winning the Pantheon of Leather Northeast Regional Award for 2014.  But above all, he is honored and humbled to serve the Leather community as the current American Leatherman for 2017.  Rod’s kink fetishes include spanking, ass play, flogging and fisting.

Roman “Jedwine” Keller

Roman “Jedwine” Keller is proud to be Minnesota Leather Sir 2016. During my year I went out to different states learning about leather, kink, and other communities. I always had my sandals. Either in a swimsuit, jockstrap, or full leather the sandals were on my feet. Walking in heels for the first time for me was like watching a newborn giraffe takes its first steps. I have been working and going to various events and learning the stories of others that are allowing me to listen. The best events I have gone to are when I can have a long one-on-one conversation with a person about the various topics that deal with the community. In my travels, one of the most important thing that needs to be worked on is actively listening and asking questions and not interrupting a person in mid-sentence. The deadly sin that most represents me is Pride.

I am a full on anime nerd and can say I take too much pride in my intelligence and background in psychology. My pup name is Jedwine, which comes from my World of Warcraft toon. Some would say I can be nice as a Husky and German Shepard or be a Doberman in regular headspace. When in puppy mode I am a wrestler and can be somewhat aggressive on the mats and trying to take on puppies that are bigger than me. My pup side hates squeaky toys and will play the game try throwing the toy in the trash can. My pup does enjoy good hugs and cuddles when in the right headspace. I am a brony and my favorite My Little Pony character is Shining Armor. Two songs that recently came out speaks millions for me from the movie “Time To Be Awesome”  and “One Small Thing.” Making a difference to yourself and being true to yourself is something I try to educate and live by. Sometimes it’s not the easiest, but I go day by day.

Let’s talk kinks. I enjoy bondage (mummification) and the smell of duct tape. Wonder why I wear sandals at bars? I enjoy getting my feet stepped on as long as you ask first. I like WS, knife play, flogging, pup play, blood play, breath play (choking) and more. Working with the community, I take part in Minnesota Leather Pride events, general leather or kink events, North Star Gay Rodeo, North Star Kennel Club, and some Imperial Court events. Currently, I work as a direct support professional. I assist individuals to become more integrated into their community or the least restrictive environment.

I have a degree in psychology that specializes in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with the usage of animal therapy. If there were one thing I would want people to remember, it is to actively listen to peoples stories, ask questions, and don’t interrupt a person talking. I still have difficulties with this at times, but I work on it each day. Let’s break down walls and work together to create a community where everyone is welcomed. It all starts with a simple conversation and treating a person as a person. The journey never ends. I never thought this is the life I’d have four years ago. It’s time to be awesome!!!!

Sam Brinton

Sam is one of the world’s leading advocates for LGBTQ youth. They recently joined the Trevor Project as the Head of Advocacy and Government Affairs, shattering discrimination against LGBTQ youth with representation before the President, Supreme Court, and halls of Congress. They are the founder and head of the 50 Bill 50 States campaign to end the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy, first in the United States and then around the globe. As a survivor of conversion therapy, Sam has spearheaded efforts to submit legislation and promote public education in the hopes of ending the practice on minors. They have co-chaired the National Center for Lesbian Rights Advisory Committee on conversion therapy and have spoken before the United Nations and Congress. They have been featured in numerous media including TIME, MSNBC, The Washington Post and  Huffington Post.

Their professional training is in nuclear engineering and public policy. Following graduate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Nuclear Engineering and the Technology Policy Program, Sam served as a policy analyst, fellow and director of government affairs focused on nuclear energy at think tanks and energy organizations. They have authored successful legislation, briefed congressional members as well as President Obama and President Trump on the wonders of nuclear physics.

Sam is an avid singer with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C. and can be found running along Rock Creek Park singing at the top of their lungs. Sam’s pronouns are they, them, and theirs. Oh, and in terms of kink, Sam travels from coast to coast teaching their signature “Physics of Kink” class with the tension forces of bondage, thermodynamics of wax play, and Newtonian physics of spanking. They are the proud fiance and Sir to their long term submissive Kuf and Handler to their pups Nano and Jackal.

Sigh Smith

Sigh Smith is a Leatherwoman based in Minneapolis, MN and has been a member of the community since 2001. This year she is celebrating 15 years as a full member of the Knights of Leather. Sigh is a strong believer in the bonds of Leather family and community, and is proud to participate in the intricately interwoven Twin Cities Leather and Kink community. She claims Twin Cities Leather & Latte as her home bar, but on any given weekend can be found smoking a cigar on the patio at Lush or appreciating the pretty clientele and bartenders at the Saloon.


Randy Ingram-Lile

Sir Randy Ingram-Lile (Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2018) has been involved in the
leather community all his adult life. He was a Charter Member of Silver Spurs of
Dallas and is a Founding Member of North Star Kennel Club. He is currently third-term President for Atons of Minneapolis; he has also served on MN Leather Pride Board. He is “Uber Sir” to his leather family, consisting of his husband/former boy, their collared puppy, their collared boy, their family service boy, and their Padawan. His passions include flogging, fisting, electro play, CBT, smells and generally making boys moan and scream.

Pup Buster

Pup Buster is the current Mr.Twin cities leather with a passion for performing, Disney and merging them together with his leather/kink life. So muxh so that for the last 2 years he has done some memorable scenes such as miss piggy fisting Kermit the frog, and Dr Frank n Furter turning rocky into a boy. He is originally from Orlando Florida where he discovered leather and kink while working at Disney as a stilt walker and performer. Lover for flannel and fisting aka a fisty ginger lumberjack, also has a huge passion for bootblacking. If you smell of musk and leather bring it on a huge lover of pits/musk he is usually seen nose diving into many pits at events. Fuck body hate and love the skin you are in “big or small, thin or fat, worship that body, it’s the only one you’ve got”


Hampton Inn & Suites Minneapolis Downtown!
There are two ways to book your room for Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend:

Group Name: Minnesota Leather Pride 2017
Group Code: CHHMLP
Check-in: 31-MAR-2017
Check-out: 02-APR-2017

Or call 612-341-3333 and press option 1 for reservations. Reference Minnesota Leather Pride

Included in Rate:
Hot breakfast buffet included
Wireless Internet is included


Tristate Leather
Twin Cities Leather & Latte
Hampton By Hilton
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