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Minnesota Leather Pride committee has existed in one form or another for over 21 years. We are an all volunteer organization made up of women and men from all parts of the Minnesota Kink, BDSM, and leather communities.


Minnesota Leather Pride celebrates, honors, and nurtures our culture and history by facilitating communication and building alliances among individuals and groups within the leather/kink/BDSM community; offering opportunities for education, social interaction, visibility, activism, and community service.

Board Members

Robert (Bobbie) Smith

Salt Lake City Ut. 1987 , I became a moderator for Unconditional Support for Gay and Lesbians and then became a friend of the "Wasatch Leatherman". In 1988 I was elected to the GLBT Community Council and served 3 years. During that time I was honored to become the 5th Pillar of the Sacred Fairies an off shoot of the Radical Fairies. I went on to become a part owner in "the Pillar" a GLBT community Newspaper. 1994 I moved to Milwaukee and then Joined The "Oberons." 2000 I moved to Minneapolis to become a charter Knight of the" Knights of Leather". Then 2006 also joined the "ATONS" I'm also an associate of the "Chicago Leather Club" "Tsarus" and Argonauts of Wisconsin.

I started to work with the MNLP in 2004 after Vicki from the Knights of Leather asked me to get out there and start getting things done for our community. I have been working with MNLP ever since. While a member of the KOL, Atons and Working with MNLP I have taught many classes in the BDSM world.



David Coral

David has been active in the Leather lifestyle since the mid-1980's, beginning his journey in Chicago. Though he has lived most of his leather life within the Master/slave dynamic, he has never felt comfortable using the title Master or calling himself Sir David until that distinction was recognized by his community, which occurred in 2013 with a formal covering that June.

He is a charter member and current Taskmaster (President) of the Knights of Leather, Minnesota, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! In 2002, he was instrumental in re-defining Minnesota Leather Pride, and has served on the organizing committee or board in some capacity since.

David, under the name Jazz Thomas, was named Mr. Olympus Leather 2000, and has been a three-time tallymaster for that contest. In 2004 he was first runner-up for American Leatherman. David served on the organizing committee for the 2007 Leather Leadership Conference: The Art of Sharing Power, in Minneapolis, and was a co-producer for American Brotherhood Weekend (ABW) in 2008 and 2009.

David has been a slave and a Master at various times over the past two decades, and the D/s dynamic resides at the heart of his life and leather practices. He is a BDSM coach and mentor, and presents demos and workshops, specializing in heavy impact work, CBT, abrasion and D/s relationships. Currently, he is working on establishing a mentoring network in the Twin Cities area.




Riches is one who follows leather traditions and shares them with others so that they may know of their value in life and relationships.

A longtime committee member of Minnesota Leather Pride, she is currently a member of the board and currently serves as treasurer. Co-founder of MAsT: Twin Cities, member of Women in Leather International, associate member of Atons of Minneapolis and associate of Chicago Leather Club. Winner of the title Great Lakes Slave 2006. She also enjoys biking, kayaking, strength training,public speaking and leadership development, and enjoying down time with a glass of wine or good dark chocolate while serving as a bed for her two cats, Zorro and missi.


Andrew Bertke

Andrew Bertke has served the leather community as an organizational leader, artist, and photographer.

Since joining the Atons in 2002, he has been president, vice-president, Flashmail community newsletter editor, pledge master, and webmaster. He has represented the Atons at events across the country, and has been a judge for the Twin Cities Leather contest. .

Andrew’s artwork has been selected for Minnesota Leather Pride’s collectible dog tags, t-shirts, flyers, banners, and websites. He has been the designer and webmaster for the 2007 Leather Leadership Conference, erotic artist Marc DeBauch, leather columnist Steve Lenius, Man Camp, and Gaylaxicon..

As an avid photographer, Andrew has created documentary and studio photographs of the leather community. He has been the official photographer for the Mr. Minneapolis Eagle and Mr. Wisconsin Leather contests. His work has been exhibited at Twin Cities Pride and CONvergence, and won the 2012 Lavender Magazine Pride in Pictures cover photo contest.


Join the Team

The public is welcome to attend our open meetings, scheduled for the second Monday of each month. Contact the board president if you would like to attend.

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