Minnesota Leather Pride Leads the Way with Innovative Community Safety and Awareness Training

On October 28, 2023, Minnesota Leather Pride hosted a first-of-its-kind Community Safety and Awareness Training at The Saloon. Led by Mick Sharpe, CEO of Protection Far Left of Center, the event brought together 36 locals eager to learn essential safety skills.

The training covered a wide array of topics, focusing on practical skills for everyday safety. These included Situational Awareness, De-escalation Techniques, Less Lethal Self-defense, Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat, Mass-Shooter Threat Management, and Bar Safety. Sharpe provided actionable advice, such as identifying exits in bars, minimizing risk in mass-shooter situations, using high-powered flashlights for defense, and handling situations involving drink tampering.

The success of this event was due in part to support from local groups such as Atons of Minneapolis, Imperial Court of Minnesota, Ladies of the Lakes, MNLsP, North Star Kennel Club, Twin Cities Bootblacks, and Josh Kelly, realtor. Organizer Paul Jennings gave special thanks to Mick Sharpe for offering his expertise at a reduced fee and to The Saloon for their free space provision.

Given the positive feedback, plans are underway to organize a similar event next spring, potentially with additional activities aligning with the Pride celebrations.

The MNLP Community Safety and Awareness Training represents a significant step in community-led safety education, reflecting a growing interest in proactive self-defense and preparedness in Minneapolis.

Personal safety items mentioned in the class:

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