• 1 American Leather Story: Nick Bourlotos
  • 2 American Leather Story: boy Grayson
  • 3 The History of the Minnesota Leather Pride Dog Tag
  • 4 Origin of the Minnesota's Giant Leather Pride and Rainbow Flags
  • 5 Minnesota Leather Pride 2015 Dog Tag Design Revealed
  • 6 Saluting the Old, Unfurling the New MN Leather Pride (2008)
  • 7 2015 Theme: "American Leather Story"


  • 8/1: PEPRMNT: Zombie Fundraiser Party +

    Saturday, August 1, 7pm - 1am

    Location: To be shared with registered attendees
    Cost: $20
    Sponsor: PEPRMNT

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  • 7/31: Titans Anniversary Weekend and Kink U +

    Friday, July 31-Sunday, August 2

    Location: Various Locations in Minneapolis
    Sponsor: Titans of the Midwest
    Cost: Free
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  • 8/3: Events Committee and Board Meeting +

    Monday, August 3, 6pm - 8pm

    Location: The Vault , 416 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404
    Cost: None
    Dress Code: Casual

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  • 8/14: FETISHBALL: Leather & Lace - A Formal Affair +

    Friday, August 14, 7pm-2am

    Location: The Saloon - Disco Bar
    Sponsor: Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride 2015 - Aurora Lee
    Cost: It's a
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  • 11/14: Leather Families Feuding (for charity) +

    Saturday, November 14

    Location: To be announced
    Cost: To be announced
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Share Your Leather StoryVoices of the Kink/BSDM/Leather

This year's theme for Minnesota Leather Pride is "American Leather Story," and this has inspired us to invite members of the Kink, BDSM, and Leather communities to share your stories with us. 

So many of the stories from the lives of our people have been lost to us, so now we want to collect what you have to say about your experience. Maybe it's about how you discovered your favorite kink, maybe it's a great scene you were part of, maybe it's the first piece of leather, gear or toy you experienced.

Our first goal is to collect your story. If you allow, we would like to post some of these stories through www.mnleatherpride.org, and to share these stores with the Leather Archives & Museum. We are happy to receive your story in text, photos, audio, or video. 

If you want to be part of our American Leather Story, contact us at yourstory@mnleatherpride.org.