Minnesota Leather Pride Event Harassment, Intoxication, and Consent Policy:

When attending a Minnesota Leather Pride (MNLP) event, if someone is harassing you, intoxicated to the point of disturbance or has violated your consent in some way, please find an MNLP member immediately.

MNLP Response:

If anyone is found to be harassing attendees of an MNLP event, they will be asked to leave the event immediately. If needed, MNLP will escalate the issue to venue security to remove the person.

If anyone is found to be intoxicated to the point of disturbing the event or those around them MNLP will request the venue remove the person.

Consent is mandatory at all MNLP events. If anyone is found to have violated the bodily autonomy of any other attendee, MNLP will request the venue remove the person immediately. If in doubt, always ask for consent.

Reporting Issues and Concerns to Minnesota Leather Pride:

If you have a problem or concern about Minnesota Leather Pride or one of our representatives, send detailed written documentation of the issue to [email protected].

Once received the board will discuss this it at their next regularly scheduled meeting, the second Monday of the month, in a closed session.

The board will determine what action to take according to the Minnesota Leather Pride standard operating procedures regarding our Misconduct and Grievance policy. Depending on what the Board determines as next steps, MNLP will inform you of either the resolution or the following steps of the process. If the Board decides to create an inquiry committee to address your concern you will receive a copy of the process that the committee will follow.